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Re: Allow Hosted Payment pages to be cloned

Allow Hosted Payment pages to be cloned

Please add an option in Hosted Payment pages admin to allow cloning of an existing page. We have a few to create so will be easier and less error prone if we have a clone or copy facility.

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New Student

This option is definitely needed.

We make a lot of different Checkout pages which require their own Hosted Payment page, the process of copying the Hosted Page currently is time-consuming and annoying, I have to open an existing page and create a new one and go back and forth between the tabs to copy it exactly and sometimes even miss a single checkbox or an input field which can instantly create issues with the page even functioning as intended.

Now, this is obviously not ideal. The ability to easily clone a Hosted Payment Page or re-use a Hosted Page by defining the callback/authorised URLs manually would significantly improve this process and I hope that this gets picked up and is implemented ASAP.