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Ability to set the date, time, number format and list separator (CSV) independently


it would be a great advantage to be able to set the date, time and numbering format independently from the language setting (locale).


We, for example, are based in Switzerland, which has a very specific numbering format (123'456'789.00) and we use (Smiley Wink as a standard list separator for CSV files. I have tried various different locale settings and could not find any which matched the above. Therefore we are currently using English (United Kingdom) as a locale setting, as they use (.) as a decimal separator. This still causes complications since with this the list separator is (,) and the number format is (123,456,789.00), especially when creating and conciliating various reports. It is possible to do this in windows settings for example.


Any advice and or workaround is appreciated, yet I believe implementing this would be to everyone's advantage.


Kind Regards,


Trevor Vogt