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Ability to pull the Zuora user details via API

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Ability to pull the Zuora user details via API

According to support, currently there is no API which can retrieve the Zuora user details.We need to manually login to system and pull the user details if we want to verify.

I am intrested in getting these details from API, which can simplyfy one of our usecase for reporting needs.

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Zuora Staff

@vgorkanti I think that support is correct in that there is no GA feature to do this, but our new Data Query API lets you query the Zuora User Object so you can join that to the createdby/updatedby id's stored on all the transactions for reporting purposes. Data Query is still in "Limited Availability" but it should be active in your tenant already and I know they are planning on moving it to GA relatively soon. There's also a cool new UI for it that Support can enable in your Sandbox if you'd like to test it out!