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Ability to make a custom field unique

Ability to make a custom field unique

We have a critical custom field (that represents the customer's unique database id in our systems) that should be unique. It would be very helpful if we could set the custom field in Zuora to be unique, such that Zuora would not allow us to create multple objects (in this case, Accounts) with the same custom field value.


Our use case: When the customer converts (enters payment information), we send that to Zuora directly from their browser via the REST API. Our system then receives a New Subscription callout notification if the conversion succeeds. This is probably very standard.


Then potential issue is that browsers cannot be considered 100% reliable. So it's possible we could send the Create Account REST call multiple times, even with various mitigations in our Javascript code. We can detect that this has already happened (indeed, every callout notification after the first would generate an error in our system that could be escalated). But it would be better if Zuora would just reject the redundant records.

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This would be great, another use case is batch uploading external (cash) payments.  


Its quite easy for a payment to be included multiple times, either due to a mistake or because of a timeout and re-submit.  At present there is no way to ensure that the cash payment is unique and can't be uploaded twice.  If there was a unique field that could error if submitted twice then it would prevent this happening.  


I have seen scenarios where a payment was uploaded 10 times by mistake,  this is a pain to clean up and if missed is lost revenue.



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Any update on this?