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Re: Ability to delete old invalid values from pick list in custom field

Ability to delete old invalid values from pick list in custom field

Feature Request: Ability to delete old invalid values from pick list in custom field

Status: under evaluation

Reference Number: DE7566

Business Need: Currently in Zuora, the design of pick list in custom field is that once it is saved, one can only edit the values in pick list and cannot delete the values. However, some customers have old and invalid values that need to be cleaned out, therefore, they are asking for the ability to delete old invalid values from those pick list custom fields so that their end customers will not choose the wrong value.

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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This is a basic and fundamental functionality to picklists. Not having this available requires users to set and forget and the reality is, our business is constantly adapting to change and we need to be able to edit picklist values as our business changes

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It is very annoying to have invalid pick lists. Especially when it is setup mistakenly and never used. As we have the pick list, people can always use the invalid list by mistake.

It increases garbage data.

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Agreed that it is very surprising this is not possible...the extra value got added in error because of a page load timeout and now it seems it's stuck there forever. 


Any update on this request? 

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any news on this request?

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It is not at all helpful that your system forbids us from deactivating old/garbage picklist values. I am flabbergasted that the product was designed this way. We now have great risk that one of our users will inadvertently use a bad picklist value that will break our data integrity and Salesforce connectivity.




We are looking to cleanup the old picklist values for custom fields as well and it is very annoying that we can't do it.The only workaround I see is by updating with a blank if we don't want the user to pick the old value which is not a ideal fix.


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I have just come across this issue, I am amazed Zuora does not implement improvements such as this. We have picklists with upwards of 40 options with some that are incorrect. The incorrect options are very similar to the correct options, it is extremely frustrating that they cannot be deleted.