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Ability to configure which HTTP codes are retried or not for callouts (per URL)

Currently the HTTP return codes that are retried are hardcoded.

Some sites however provide reply that do not necessarily comply with what we expect in terms of return code, or we may just want to retry some codes.


The idea would be to be able to configure, maybe globally, and also maybe per base URL, which codes are retried and which are not...



Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi @Emmanuel, thanks for posting this. We've actually been looking into this and found that it's a trade-off between complexity and effort. Meaning, very few of the responses we get back are non-retriable, and for that shouldn't, it doesn't harm anything if we do retry. Could you provide examples where retrying would cause issues?

Zuora Staff



Actually, the current issue encountered by my client is precisely that some codes are not retried, so retrying all the time would be better. Typically, their site is returning 404 when not available... and this is not retried, which is an issue. 

Since you were already thinink about it, do you think that's something that could be put in place quickly?