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comma in csv

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comma in csv

How does one escape a comma in the csv

For instance.

For this 3-column data:

1,tech "partners", Inc.,3

Does one upload:

1,"tech ""partners"", Inc.",3


Or is it done some other way?

Zuora Support

Re: comma in csv

Hi Kunilewa,


Despite we use the term 'CVS', we use a different field delimiter than comma.

In the new reporting, we use tab-separated values. (TSV)

Data Source export and AQUA generate data files with comma-separated values.
If you need to use the Reporting tools, to generate crosstab report,
You can check if there are any options in your loading tools to convert the TAB delimited CVS format into a comma-delimited file

or convert/change it from a tab-delimited text file to a CSV file with tools you can find on the Internet. 

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