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Zuora SF not creating Billing Accounts



I've just joined a company and I've managed to fix the creation of CRM account in Zuora when the order gets created, unfortunately it doesn't work so that the billing account gets created afterwads connected to the account with the Zuora ID populated. Without the billing account Ithe bill to and sold to in Zuora doesn't get populated and we can't move forward. 


Did any one came across similar problems is there a fix for this eg. something to do with Z360 that the previous contracted dev mentioned in the code. 


I will be able to provide all the information necessary. 


Re: Zuora SF not creating Billing Accounts

Is this still an issue?  Can you provide more details? I am unable to tell what you are asking.

Maggie Longshore
Zuora Alumni

Re: Zuora SF not creating Billing Accounts

HI @GregMackiewicz as Maggie requested can you please provide more detail on what the issue you are facing.

It will help us understand if you can please provide the exact steps that you followed and then what did not work based on your expectation


Thank you


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