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Re: ZOQL support over REST API?


ZOQL support over REST API?

Hi Community, 

Does ZOQL is supported over REST api similar to SOAP Api? 

AQUA Apis are there to run batch query but can we perform "query" like operation over REST APIs? 


If yes, please share any knowledge link. 




Re: ZOQL support over REST API?

Hi @sapatel!


Yes, ZOQL is also supported in REST API. It can be executed like SOAP's query method.


Information on the REST API is summarized in the Developer Center. The Developer Center's API Reference is the main instructions. The "Query" section in this will be useful for you.


If you are going to try the REST API, a tool called "Postman" is recommended. If you have never used Postman, you should watch the following wonderful video:



An example of using the REST API to get the IDs of all Subscriptions is as follows:


We can write ZOQL as value of the "queryString" in the request body. ZOQL grammar is exactly the same in both SOAP and REST.