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ZOQL - Get ultimate parent account number from a child account



I am currently investigating a way to send a POST request with a ZOQL query string and an account number to get a reponse containg the ultimate parent account number


Is there a way to get this in a single request?


Also, we are hoping to use this number to bring back an HPM page so the user can update their payment information, but we need to ensure it updates the correct account. Do the Payment Pages support this functionality?



Zuora Staff

Re: ZOQL - Get ultimate parent account number from a child account

 Hi @ayonge,


POST call per requested, you can provide the child tenant's ID in the query, and you will receive the ultimate parent ID.


docs: https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/Action_POSTquery






Request Body:

  "queryString": "select ParentId from Account where Id = '2c92c0f963da67f80163dc5b16d631e3'"


    "records": [
            "ParentId": "2c92c0f963da67f70163dc5a61972eb8",
            "Id": "2c92c0f963da67f80163dc5b16d631e3"
    "size": 1,
    "done": true

Or, you can use GET call as well, you will see "parentId" under "basicinfo" in the JSON returned.


GET call with endpoint:




docs: https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/GET_Account


Hope this helps, thank you!


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