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Support Order By in Zoql Query

We are using Zuora professional at our account level and seeing issue with data returning order, all the records stored by ServiceStartDate but while doing the query we are not getting in the same order.

Here is the sample query,
select Id,ChargeAmount,SubscriptionId,ChargeDate,ChargeType,ServiceStartDate FROM InvoiceItem
When we run the above Query It should return the Records in Order by ServiceStartDate.

Raised the Support ticket Suggested the alternative Data exports. But We should wait until data export finished it is degrading application performance.


Re: Support Order By in Zoql Query

See https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/DC_Developers/K_Zuora_Object_Query_Language.


ZOQL does not support sorting results in ascending or descending order.

You will have to sort the results yourself.