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(SOAP) Add PaymentMethod by Check to Account

I am using ActiveZuora Ruby gem


Trying to add check payment to the existing account without payment (default payment method nil)


payment_method = ActiveZuora:Smiley TongueaymentMethod.new(account_id: '<some id>', type: 'Check')



RuntimeError: Could Not Save Zuora Object: Can not create an electronic payment method with type: Check

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Re: (SOAP) Add PaymentMethod by Check to Account

Hello @osa adding an "external" payment method like Check, Cash or Other works a bit different, you don't create them. These payment methods have a single pre-existing ID that needs to be associated with your chosen account.


To retrieve these IDs, execute this query first:


select id, name from paymentmethod where accountid = null



Now that you have the list of external payment methods, all you need to do is update() the account's DefaultPaymentMethodId field with the ID of Check.


Supporting reference:


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