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SOAP-API queryMore Methods Limitations

Zuora Staff

SOAP-API queryMore Methods Limitations



It would be appreciated if someone is able to answer for the following question regarding 

limitations on queryMore Methods,


In the KC, it addresses "As of WSDL 20.0, Zuora will now expire queryMore() cursors after 15 minutes of activity, regardless of the API version that you are using."


Assuming one of our clients would need to use queryMore methods 10 times, in order for them to extract necessary data. 

The 15 minuts limitation in the avove will be matched to which one of the following conditions?


1. 15 minuts per queryMore?

2. 15 minuts for 10 time's queryMore?

3. 15 minuts for initial query + 10 times's queryMore?

4. Other conditions?