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REST Api - bill

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REST Api - bill

Hello. Using the REST Api it is possible to get the details of a bill run. It's also possible to get invoice details or a list of invoices of an account. How can I get a list of invoices that are included in a bill run? Should I use a query call or the include parameter on the GET bill-run?










Zuora Staff

Re: REST Api - bill



Step1: You can make use of the Data Query API call. Please find the link below.



Data Query:

select invoicenumber from invoice i,billingrun bi,account a where i.sourceid=bi.billingrunnumber and i.accountid=a.id and bi.billingrunnumber='BR-00000245'
Step2: once the Data Query job is posted it will return back the ID as a response.we have to pass the ID as a parameter to the below API call.
Step3: we will be getting Id as a response pass that ID as a parameter to the below URL.
Please let me know if you have any doubts.
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