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Question about the order of response of ZOQL


Question about the order of response of ZOQL

I use ZOQL to get ProductRatePlanChargeTier:

  "queryString": "select Id, Price from ProductRatePlanChargeTier where ProductRatePlanChargeId = 'XXX'"



Is it possible to make the response Tier object in the order of the value of the Tier field?
(That is, in the "records" container of the response JSON, it will sort in ascending order of records with Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3...)


I think that it is impossible because "No Order By Support" is written on the ZOQL page.


I found a similar post in the Community.


I tried this query now, it was not sorted by Tier.
Then I tried outputting UpdatedDate, but it was not sorted by UpdatedData.
Is there a rule on the order of ZOQL responses?