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Re: Python quickstart


Python quickstart

I'm brand new to Zuora, and it took me many hours to get this going, and I found that much of the content at https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/DC_Developers/SOAP_API/AB_Getting_started_with_the__SOAP_API is obsolete.


Here's a brief script that accesses the Zuora SOAP API, from python. Hopefully it saves the next newbie some time.



import sys
import zeep
from zeep import xsd
import datetime as dt     

wsdl_url ="file:///Users/bo/Dropbox/Canonical/zuora/zuora.a.78.0.wsdl"
USERNAME = 'zuora_api_user@canonical.com.apisandbox'
PASSWORD = sys.argv[1]

client = zeep.Client(wsdl=wsdl_url)
response = client.service.login(USERNAME, PASSWORD)
sessionid = response.Session

calloptions_cls = client.get_element('ns2:CallOptions')
calloptions = calloptions_cls(useSingleTransaction=False)

sessioheader_cls = client.get_element('ns2:SessionHeader')
sessionheader = sessioheader_cls(session=sessionid)

payment_type = client.get_type('ns1:Payment')
payment = payment_type(Type= 'External',
        Status= 'Processed',
        EffectiveDate= dt.date.today(),
        AccountId= '2c92c0f955e2bcfc0155e96053a00a44',
        InvoiceNumber= 'INV00000004',
        Amount= 1234.56,
        AppliedInvoiceAmount= 1234.56,
        PaymentMethodId= '2c92c0f85529afda01552c2247c23c1f')

client.service.create(zObjects=[payment], _soapheaders={'CallOptions': calloptions, 'SessionHeader': sessionheader})


Added 2018-09-08:


See also https://github.com/bolaurent/Pandas-for-Zuora for how to use zuora api with Pandas and Jupyter data analytics tools.

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Re: Python quickstart

Hi @bolaurent - Thanks for sharing this information! I'll pass this along to the documentation team. We appreciate you sharing your solutions with the Community Smiley Happy


Re: Python quickstart


Re: Python quickstart

I see that this post gets a lot of views, but I can't tell if anyone is actually using the code that I posted. If it's useful to you, could you let me know? If it's not useful, could you tell me why not?