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Preview subscription API using Subscription number

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Preview subscription API using Subscription number


User need need a REST API that does a preview of an existing subscription by only passing the Subscription number as available in the UI


We do not have the direct API call available to Preview subscription by only providing Subscription key (Subscription number/Subscription ID) option but please find the below example involving two API calls

API 1: GET_SubscriptionsByKey 

Get the below information from the 1st API call by Providing only Subscription key (Subscription number/Subscription ID)


API  2:  POST_PreviewSubscription

The mandatory information received from the Get subscription by key API call should be used to POST the Preview subscription call



Note: Multiple rate plan charge should be given inside the array

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Re: Preview subscription API using Subscription number

Yeah well this workaround does not take into account any amendments.   You have this preview feature available in the front-end which seems to work perfectly, why on earth would you not wrap this in a simple API ?   We have a very simple use case which is to have a subscription settings page which shows the user what the date and amount will be of their next payment.   Because this Preview API of an existing subscription is not available, we made ourselves crazy trying to get all the information into the current Preview Subscription which was not designed for this at all and which cannot support all cases.  

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Re: Preview subscription API using Subscription number

Hi @SA,


We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, there is no direct API call through which you can preview a subscription. I understand the workaround suggested by Goutham doesn't help in your use case and you are looking for a more direct approach for the preview. I would recommend you to share your use case in our Ideas Board. This would be directly handled by our Product Management team and give a chance to other users to view your Idea and upvote it. 

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