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Re: Post Usage Rest API Timezone

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Post Usage Rest API Timezone

I'm looking to upload usage records via the Rest API but I unsure what the timezone will be for a given usage record. The format asked for is MM/DD/YY without a timezone. I know Zuora converts dates/times to pacific. If I upload a record in the MM/DD/YY format does Salesforce assume I provided that value in Pacific time? If so how do I provide a timezone? We bill using a different timezone and some of the usage records will be in the wrong window if this not set correctly.

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Re: Post Usage Rest API Timezone

In the POST Usage the timezone is based on the local setting (in the tenant) of the uploading user


In the REST CRUD Create Usage call, the datetimes include the UTC offset




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Re: Post Usage Rest API Timezone

Thanks, Adam. I wasn't aware I could upload individual usage records with your Rest API.  Could you clarify something for me though? I need a way to allow the replay of usage records in a way that won't duplicate data in Zuora. I have had a feature request open for some time now that relates to this. One simple solution that would give me what I need would be the ability to use the "Retrieve Usage" endpoint to query a custom field with a given value. That is assuming I could Create Usage with this same custom field. I don't see the ability to provide custom field values in the "Create Usage" endpoint. Is this supported?


1) Is there yet a way to replay usage uploads in a way that won't create duplicates?

2) Can I provide a custom field with "Create Usage"

3) Can I retrieve usage with a custom field value?


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