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Order Amendments are applied in REST Amend()

When using the REST Amend() action, I want to apply multiple amendments to a single subscription in a single request.  I understand the Amend() method supports this, and is working.


I would like the amendments to be applied in a specific order, it appears that they are being processed and applied in the order they are found in the request array, is this guaranteed?  I


have noticed that the documentation for the UpdateSubscription() method has some information about how the order is determined, but the call does not support everything I need to do, so I am looking for similar information on the Amend() action.

Zuora Documentation

Re: Order Amendments are applied in REST Amend()

Hi rmonesmith, you are right - when you call the REST Amend action, Zuora applies the amendments in the order you specify them in the request body. We'll update the API documentation to explain this.


Thanks for pointing this out!