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Re: List of invoices in bill run

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List of invoices in bill run

Using the REST Api it is possible to get the details of a bill run. It's also possible to get invoice details or a list of invoices of an account. How can I get a list of invoices that are included in a bill run? Should I use a query call or the include parameter on the GET bill-run?

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Re: List of invoices in bill run

Hi @sebastiaan you can try the following "action/query" call:


POST https://rest.zuora.com/v1/action/query

"queryString": "Select id, invoicenumber from invoice where sourceid = 'BR-00001026'"


Could you clarify what do you mean by "the include parameter on the GET bill-run" ?

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Re: List of invoices in bill run

Hi @sebastiaan In order to information on bill runs, you could query the BillingRun object as seen below:


POST https://rest.apisandbox.zuora.com/v1/object/export

  "Format": "Excel", 
  "Name": "Billing Run Export", 
  "Query": "select BillingRunNumber, CreatedById, CreatedDate, EndDate, ErrorMessage, ExecutedDate, Id, InvoiceDate, NumberOfAccounts, NumberOfInvoices, StartDate, Status, TargetDate, TargetType, TotalTime, UpdatedById, UpdatedDate from BillingRun order by BillingRunNumber asc"

This will give you an Excel file with that Data. (Change to "Format": "csv", if Excel is not needed)