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How to bulk create discount rate plan charges

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How to bulk create discount rate plan charges

Is there a way to bulk create discount rate plan charges? I saw this documenation on using the SOAP API to bulk create rate plan charges but it does not have an example for discount charge models:




Also, for our discount charge model, we need to only include certain products and rate plans. We have a large catalog of rate plan charges for a single product and thus doing this through the UI is almost near impossible with it's current UI design. Need to know how we can bulk create these discount rate plan charge models + the specific rate plan charges to include when defining the discount to be at the subscription level.


Thanks in advance.



UPDATE: I just saw the SOAP API Model documentation here:




Container of application details about the discount product rate plan charge. 

You can specify this field only when the DiscountLevel field is rateplan or subscription. If you specify this field when DiscountLevel is not set to rateplan or subscription, even if the value is set to null, an error is returned.

You can use this field to specify the product rate plans or product rate plan charges that the discount product rate plan charge is applied to. In this field, you can specify at most 100 ProductDiscountApplyDetail.

If this field is not specified, discount charges apply to all product rate plan charges defined by the DiscountLevel field and ApplyDiscountTo field.

Type: array
Character limit: --
Version notes: 85.0+
Values: array of ProductDiscountApplyDetail


Does this mean that when choosing which rate plans to include when the discount level is Subscription, we can only include up to a max of 100 rate plans & charges? Just need confirmation.


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Re: How to bulk create discount rate plan charges

There's an example of how to create a discount charge here:



If your discounts are going to be subscription discounts (so all charges regardless of rate plan in the same subscription get discounted) then have a think about creating stand alone rate plans with a discount charge that you then apply to a subscription when needed as an alternative to adding discounts charges to existing rate plans.