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How can we see proration for the new annual total ( or monthly. depends on the billing cycle)


How can we see proration for the new annual total ( or monthly. depends on the billing cycle)

It seems like there is no way to update the subscription while keeping the contractEffectiveDate to be the same (unless issuing the credit memo).  (https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/PUT_Subscription

For example, If the Subscription has been invoiced for the annual period from 2020-01-01 to 2020-12-31, then the PUT Subscription call preview will only show the additional 10 licenses because the preview call won't include an existing Invoice. 


But what if I want to update their subscription without extending their contract end date?


For example, the below points are how the proration should be calculated for our org:

1. a customer ABC signed up 100 licenses on 2020-01-01, and this contract will last for 1 year until 2020-12-31

2. Each license is 12 dollars per year. So, ABC pays 1,200 dollars for 100 licenses. (1 dollar per month)

3. ABC wants to see the estimation for purchasing 10 more licenses. on 2020-10-31 (and proceed to run billing if it looks good)

4. Since the new licenses quantity is 110, the new annual total is 1,320 dollars (110 qty * 12 dollars/each)

5. There are only two months left until the end of ABC’s contract end date

6. If billed annually: The proration would be how many months left till the end of billing date (which is 2020-12-31) as of today (let's say today is 2020-11-01) * price per month per each licenses * new license quantity

7. Which means: 2 months * 1 dollar * 110 = 220 dollars. 220 dollars is the proration.

So, the contractEffectiveDate shouldn’t change since the quantity addition should not renew their contract. Whether they add more PracticeManagements or not, their contractEffectiveDate should be the same and their contract should last until the original contract end date.

Is there a way to get the proration amount until the end of their billing end date based on their contractEffectiveDate (without changing them)? 


What zuora’s amend or put-subscription expects me to do is to change the contractEffectiveDate to today’s date. By doing so, the existing subscription of 100 quantity will be canceled and a new subscription of 150 quantity will begin as of today. The reason this won’t work is because this particular product rate plan’s cycle is set to annual. Because of this, the new 150 quantity subscription won’t expire at the end of original contract end date (2020-12-12) but they will expire 1 year from today (2021-11-01).