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How can i migrate all objects data from zuora to oracle database

Hello Team,


Actually as per our datawarehouse build we have to migrate all objects from zuora to orale database as a full load. we are using Talend as data migration tool but here if i want to migrate all accounts from zuora to oracle database it is not possible and it is possible record by record. We are using rest api url  to get data . 
Please suggest me if iwant to migrate all account in one shot and all subscriptions in one shot how can i doit..?


Re: How can i migrate all objects data from zuora to oracle database

Try using the AQuA api, which allows you to pull a large amount of data across multiple objects (eg. subscriptions need rate plan and rate plan charge, at least).


At a high level, first, post your query (eg. select id from account)

Since it's asynchronous, you'll need to poll for the job result.

Once the job is done, get the result file(s).


Here is documentation on AQuA.



This is better than simple Export ZOQL, because AQuA "performs in a sequential order and in a single read-only database transaction."




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