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Home Currency on zoqlexport

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Home Currency on zoqlexport

hello team,


Since I work with invoices in multiple currencies, I have been trying to run a query that would convert all my invoices into home currency (EUR, in my case).

However, my query never seems to work.



      "format" : "csv",
      "version" : "1.1",
      "name" : "Reporting",
      "encrypted" : "none",
      "useQueryLabels" : "true",      
      "project" : "InvoiceWithCurrency",
      "dateTimeUtc" : "false",
      "queries"  : [ {
        "name" : "Example",
"convertToCurrencies": "EUR", "query" : "select Subscription.CreatedDate, SoldToContact.Country, Invoice.InvoiceNumber, Invoice.AmountWithoutTax, Account.Currency, Invoice.AmountWithoutTaxEUR from InvoiceItem", "type" : "zoqlexport" }] }

 Can anybody help me understand what is my mistake in this specific example?


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