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Re: Get all subscriptions using Postman API

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Get all subscriptions using Postman API

Hi there,


I am a newbie to the world of Zuora, and my API experience is far from recent. I've spent some time fiddling with the Postman API to retrieve minimal information such as one account by account id, subscriptions by account id. However, this is pretty much the issue, I would like to explore any avenues available for retrieving all subscriptions, not just by account id, but in fact for all account ids. The only resources I have found suggest that I need to use a JSON query request, for example:



  • "queryString": "select AccountId, AccountingCode, AdjustmentDate, AdjustmentNumber, Amount, CancelledById, CancelledDate, Comment, CreatedById, CreatedDate, InvoiceId, InvoiceItemName, InvoiceNumber, ReferenceId, ServiceEndDate, ServiceStartDate, SourceId, SourceType, Status, TransferredToAccounting, Type, UpdatedById, UpdatedDate, ReasonCode from InvoiceItemAdjustment where Id = '2c93808457d787030157e0324aea5158'"



However, I am struggling to even get passed Authorization before getting to the JSON request. Can someone help with a good step by step detailed example of how I would firstly authenticate in the Postman API and secondly proceeding to a JSON query request to retrieve all subscriptions?




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Re: Get all subscriptions using Postman API

Hi @KingArsene


There's no "Postman API". I guess what you mean is REST API. For this you need to use AQuA (CSV-exporting API) with ZOQL (the SQL-like query), simple examples below:



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Re: Get all subscriptions using Postman API

Hi @KingArsene,


You can pass your Zuora credentials in the header in two different ways.


  • Use a security token
  • Pass apiAccessKeyId and apiSecretAccessKey (please see the picture below as an example)



Here are some references to get subscriptions for an account.



Please visit our Developer Center for more details on available REST API calls.

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