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Get All Objects via REST API

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Get All Objects via REST API


It is possible to get all objects of a particular type (using pagination) via the REST API?

Using the Accounts object as an example, I seem to only be able to return one Account based on its account-key.  I'd like to return all Accounts, preferably with a subset of fields.

I can certainly do this through Aqua, but I'd prefer to do it through REST if possible.





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Re: Get All Objects via REST API

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Re: Get All Objects via REST API


Unfortunately, it seems, there is no way to accomplish this via Rest alone. What I do is the following: First select all IDs via ZoQL ("select Id from Account") and then return all the accounts per their ID.

Note: It can take a huge amount of API calls if there are a lot of accounts (one call per account and one ZoQL call). I mostly use it for getting child accounts for a parent account, but still be careful.

Hope this helps.