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Different representation of Usage entity when querying by account vs when querying by Id

When I get Usages by Account, I get the following response:


"id": "2c92c0f86ab55102016aba103aca180c",
"accountId": "2c92c0fb6ab55ba3016ab9e59d5d6e00",
"accountNumber": "AU-A-00062636",
"accountName": "TestActiveBondi",
"subscriptionNumber": null,
"chargeNumber": null,
"unitOfMeasure": "UOM-Travel-InternetUsage",
"quantity": 100,
"submissionDateTime": "2019-05-14 22:58:19",
"startDateTime": "2019-05-03 00:00:00",
"status": "Pending",
"sourceName": "API",
"Currency__c": null,
"ZZ_OriginalChargeName__c": "Internet Data - 100GB",
"UnitPrice__c": null,
"Count__c": null,
"Location__c": null,
"LocalUOM__c": null,
"ZZ_TravellingFlag__c": "1",
"Total__c": null,
"ZZ_SiteName__c": "Auckland towers",
"ZZ_MyFloorTransactionId__c": "cc8f879c-d9a2-45d6-a353-0969e572049f",
"ZZ_SiteCode__c": "AKL01"


If I query the same Usage by Id, I get the following response:


"AccountNumber": "AU-A-00062636",
"ZZ_SiteCode__c": "AKL01",
"Id": "2c92c0f86ab55102016aba103aca180c",
"SubmissionDateTime": "2019-05-14T22:58:19.000-07:00",
"ZZ_SiteName__c": "Auckland towers",
"UOM": "UOM-Travel-InternetUsage",
"AccountId": "2c92c0fb6ab55ba3016ab9e59d5d6e00",
"Quantity": 100,
"Description": "New Description",
"ZZ_MyFloorTransactionId__c": "cc8f879c-d9a2-45d6-a353-0969e572049f",
"CreatedById": "2c92c0f869e31ebf0169fbb3fabb0b93",
"CreatedDate": "2019-05-14T22:56:26.000-07:00",
"EndDateTime": "2019-05-03T00:00:00.000-07:00",
"ZZ_TravellingFlag__c": "1",
"RbeStatus": "Pending",
"UpdatedById": "2c92c0f869e31ebf0169fbb3fabb0b93",
"StartDateTime": "2019-05-03T00:00:00.000-07:00",
"ZZ_OriginalChargeName__c": "Internet Data - 100GB",
"SourceType": "API",
"UpdatedDate": "2019-05-14T22:58:19.000-07:00"


The date-time representation in one is totally different from the date-times in other. Also, there is no EndDateTime when getting the Usages by Account vs Getting Usages by Id. The properties are also Pascal-Case in one and Camel-Case in another. Even though it is the same entity and entity type.

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