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Connection reset randomly

While making a connection to the REST api we're seeing a Connection reset error from the java client, randomly -- perhaps a few times out of every 100 calls.


Fatal Error in executing HTTP POST https://apisandbox-api.zuora.com/rest/v1/connections

Happening around com.zuora.sdk.lib.ZAPI.execPostAPI(ZAPI.java:208)


Is something going on with the api this week?

Support SME
Support SME

Re: Connection reset randomly

Yes, we seem to have an issue in this week. We posted in in https://trust.zuora.com/


Zuora apisandbox.zuora.com UI and SOAP API briefly inaccessible



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New Student

Re: Connection reset randomly

That’s great to hear. However, I’m still seeing the issue as recently as 3PM PST.