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Bug: Zuora REST API randomly fails with Authentication error



We implement data integration for BI purposes. I expected 401 to be a "hard" error, therefore we implemented notifications to people to check up on their credentials & stopped updating data assuming the integration can't retry this.


But we now observed several times that valid credentials get HTTP 401 response from the Zuora API randomly. If it's some transitional unavailability of authentication service or such, you should return HTTP 5**, otherwise it's breaking integrations.


`API error: https://rest.zuora.com/v1/action/query: 401: 401 Unauthorized: {\"message\":\"Authentication error\"}`


We use Basic HTTP Auth with username and password. I tried to replicate several times, but it's not easy. It works 99 % of time, then randomly fails. We will put in place a workaround with retry for now and quiet the notifications.


HTTP 401 is not transitional error, so this breaks HTTP specs, if you're refusing valid credentials: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7235#section-3.1


Please contact me, if you need more debugging information, I'll be happy to help resolve this issue.

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Re: Bug: Zuora REST API randomly fails with Authentication error

Hi @kopacpetr,


Thank you very much for reporting this issue. Please could you submit a request for assistance at https://support.zuora.com/ so that our Support team can investigate further. If you can include as much debugging information as possible, that will help a lot.