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Base URL for services instance?

I'm writing a script for testing a particular use case for Zuora using the REST API. The script works using the apisandbox instance to which I have access. However I can't send equivalent requests to the services instance to which I have access.

No services instance specific base URL is provided in the new developer docs

There is a base URL provided in the old developer docs

I've tried the base URL from the old docs, and the base URL that would follow from the patter in the new developer docs:
Neither seem to work for authoring request on the /action/query endpoint (a requirement of the test script I've written).

I have been able to authenticate against my apisandbox instance, and the my services instance (using the old base url).

Does anyone know what base URL I should be using for using the new api endpoints with a services endpoint? Or are those endpoints not available to services instances?

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Re: Base URL for services instance?


Re: Base URL for services instance?

I believe that would be the base URL for the old REST API. I can authenticate using that base URL. After talking with Zuora Support, I've learned that the new REST API has to be enabled for services instances (it isn't enabled by default). I've requested that the new REST API be ativated for my services instance, and expect that to solve my issue.