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AQUA and ZOQL returns different column names

User created custom field Auto Renew with API name AutoRenew__c, Since we already have a standard field Auto Renew in subscription AQUA results has Duplicate column names

Question: Why the AQUA report is not displaying columns with API name while Zoql report doeszuora.png


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Re: AQUA and ZOQL returns different column names

We observe difference in custom field column name behaviour between AQUA and ZOQL as mentioned in the example below


Describe call - /apps/api/describe/subscription

<label>Auto Renew 1</label>


please find the test results below


Test Query - SELECT AutoRenew, AutoRenew__c, Account.Id, BillToContact.Id, DefaultPaymentMethod.Id, ParentAccount.Id, SoldToContact.Id, SubscriptionVersionAmendment.Id FROM Subscription


ZOQL Response








AQUA Response






ZOQL export returns the column name directly from the describe call <name>

Whereas both Stateful and Stateless AQUA mode returns the column name available in <label>

Note: If the report is exported through Data source it will return the column name available in <label>