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Re: API to change the invoices language

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API to change the invoices language


Please which API should I use to get an invoices according a customer language ?

I need to download the PDF invoices with the appopriate language of the customer. 


Re: API to change the invoices language

Hi Mohamed!

It is a little more complicated than just fetching translated invoice PDF documents.

In order to do this you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Activate the 'Invoice Localization' feature in your Zuora Tenant through Zuora Support


2. Add Communication Profiles to your Zuora Tenant and set the locales for all the languages that are in use e.g. English, German, French. MAke sure the accounts then have the correct Communication Profiles!

3. Upload translations for products, rate plans and charges in and don't forget to then activate PDF Translation

4. Upload translated invoice templates (static text) to zuora and make sure accounts thn have the correct Invoice Templates!

5. Do a bill run - or regenerate any invoice PDFs that you might want to have translated

6. Fetch the translated Invoice PDFs through the API


Hope this helps,