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API endpoint to list active currencies

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API endpoint to list active currencies


We are looking at creating an API-only integration with Zuora. The first focus will be on building a two-way data sync of Customer Accounts and Contacts. 

When creating a Customer Account, we have to provide the Currency linked to that Account. 
This Currency is validated and can only be one of the Active Currencies on the Zuora instance. 
However I cannot find an API endpoint that returns us all Active Currencies on a Zuora Account. 

Could that be created, please?


Thanks in advance.
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Re: API endpoint to list active currencies

This is supported with Settings API (which was available as of February 2020).  We have some general documentation and a sample Postman Collection on the page.


For Currencies, you can use the endpoint, https://{{zuora_host}}/settings/currencies and will receive a JSON response of all currencies and their status (Active vs. Inactive).