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53010200 error code

Attempt to create subscription, get the following


{"success"=>false, "processId"=>"29484C8C950A77FE", "reasons"=>[{"code"=>53010200, "message"=>nil}]}


The Zuora documentation makes no mention of code 53010200. And the message being nil means there is no way to infer what the problem could even be.


Why is Zuora is filled with mysterious codes for which there is no documentation?

Zuora Staff

Re: 53010200 error code

The below table examples the format of the error codes.


Subcode Range Description

entry1-91-digit code for the entry point to the service, e.g., UI, SOAP, or REST. For REST, this is always "5". The entry value default is "9" and is used for authentication faults.
object001-9993-digit code for the type of service, e.g., billing, payment, contact, subscription, etc.
field00-992-digit code for a field in the request. Each object code (above) uses a different set of these codes; for instance, 09 means paymentCode in the billing object, but lastName in the contact object. A zero value ("00") typically means the problem is related to the object but not one specific field.
category01-992-digit code that identifies the error, e.g., authentication failure or missing required field


For your specific error it points to an issue with the charges in the subscription request.


5 - error returned by the REST service
30102 - error returned from "subscription.subscribeToRatePlans.chargeOverrides"
00 - unknown error


This can be a result of the format of the rest request. Can you please provide the format of your request and we can look into this further?


You can find the details of all the REST API error codes at the link below.




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Re: 53010200 error code

Thanks for explanation of error codes.


Found the problem was with the format, i was submitting foo: {blah} instead of foo: [{blah}]