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Control the Dates


In Zuora there are multiple places where the date field is available for Manual selection.

Is there any way we can restrict the user from selecting the data +-5 days.

For Example, if today's date is 16/10/2020, the user should be select any date between 11/10/2020 to 21/10/2020. If the user tries to select any Other date which is not in the range, Zuora should not allow the selection.

If the above is not possible, at least some message should be displayed on the screen..

Any suggestions on how this can be achieved.






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Re: Control the Dates

Hi Jayaram,


I am afraid both the options described by you will not be possible to achieve. This requires high-level customization and is not offered in any object in Zuora. This definitely sounds interesting though and I would encourage you to write this as a New Idea which can be reviewed by our Product Owners and suggest you with the possibilities.

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Savvy Scholar

Re: Control the Dates

Thanks Aslam for your response i will post in the Ideas group..