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Zuora Launches 4 New Product Innovations in London at Subscribed Connect

  • 1.  Zuora Launches 4 New Product Innovations in London at Subscribed Connect

    Posted 10-17-2023 14:31

    We are excited to announce that Zuora has launched 4 new product innovations that will help give our customers the staying power they need in this competitive market to create and nurture ongoing relationships.  Check out each announcement below: 

    1. NEW native Mediation Engine in Zuora for Consumption
      • Ability to ingest raw usage data at 200k events per second
      • Out-of-the-box metering components to aggregate, enrich and transform event data through a drag-and-drop user interface (UI)
      • Ability to apply custom, proprietary logic to meters
      • Auditable usage recording tracking throughout rating, billing and revenue recognition
    2. NEW Zuora Integration Hub (available by end of 2023)
      • Over 60 pre-built, configuration based connectors to enterprise applications, including new connectors for App Stores, Tax, CPQ, ERP, and Data Warehouses 
      • A Click-to-Connect user interface (UI) to empower admins to easily set up new integrations and modify data mappings directly within Zuora 
      • Comprehensive Developer Toolkits and Quickstart APIs to connect to any modern application
    3. NEW Zephr Module, Subscriber IQ (available in early 2024)
      • A connected view of subscribers, including transaction history, product consumption, demographics and more for an unprecedented understanding of the subscriber to aid in acquisition, upsell and churn management
      • Benchmarking of subscribers by segment or industry to reveal key metrics and growth opportunities
      • Actionable subscriber segmentation for presenting tailored offers and experiences to every customer
    4. NEW Zuora Extension Studio (available in early 2024)
      • A design studio, which offers Power Admins a graphical user interface to automate processes without coding
      • A point-and-click rules builder to configure validations, record states and action triggers supporting real-time, client-defined order orchestration processes
      • In-app action buttons like approvals, refunds, subscription pause and resume, and resend email notifications
      • A configurable UI builder to modify the Zuora user interface for varying business needs

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