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Zuora Community Badges and Ribbons

  • 1.  Zuora Community Badges and Ribbons

    Posted 04-18-2023 16:02

    As Community advocates, I try to give you a heads up on what's new in the Community.  Tomorrow, I'll be announcing our new Zuora Community Badges in the Community News.  Get a head start on earning badges and use my profile as an example.  You can see badges that you've earned and have yet to earn by going to "My Contributions" > "My Achievements" or click here.

    Right now we have badges for

    1. Your Profile 
    2. Community Achievements
    3. News & Notifications

    Coming soon will be badges for engagement, monthly challenges, ribbons, and more.  Have an idea for a fun, but hard-to-accomplish badge?  Share them with me below!

    Profile showing different community badges

    Lana Lee
    Zuora Community Senior Community Manager and Strategist