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Reorganization of Zuora Collect content in Knowledge Center

  • 1.  Reorganization of Zuora Collect content in Knowledge Center

    Posted 01-28-2023 17:13
    We are excited to announce that we have completed the reorganization of Zuora Collect content in the Knowledge Center, to make it easier to find relevant information across our products. We have made the following changes to the content about Zuora Collect:
    • A new Zuora Collect section is now available on the Knowledge Center home page.
    • The following content, which previously resided in Zuora Billing > Billing and Payments, is now in Zuora Collect:
      • Payment gateway integrations
      • Payment methods
      • Custom payment gateways and payment methods
      • Payment operations
      • Hosted Payment Pages
      • Stored Credential Transactions
      • PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication
      • Payment Method Updater
      • Payment Schedules
      • Payment settings
    • Zuora Collections has been moved from the home page to Zuora Collect.
    • Zuora Finance has been moved from Zuora Billing to Zuora Collect.
    • Articles for payment gateway integrations have been refactored to deliver a consistent information navigation experience.
    • Billing and Payments in Zuora Billing is now called Billing and Invoicing.
    If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to use the Feedback button on the right side of the Knowledge Center, or send an email to Thank you very much!

    Ya Niu
    Senior Technical Writer