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Release Zuora CPQ - Version 10.25.5 - January 2024

  • 1.  Release Zuora CPQ - Version 10.25.5 - January 2024

    Posted 01-30-2024 06:11
    Edited by Zuora Release Management 01-30-2024 06:11

    Patch Version 10.25.5 of the Zuora CPQ Package (Zuora Quotes) is now available to install in either Sandbox or Production Salesforce Environments. 

    This release will only impact your Salesforce environment if it is manually installed by a user in your organization. To obtain the latest Zuora CPQ Package Installation link please create a Zuora Support ticket.

    Release Notes for all CPQ Package Versions 10.0 and above can be found here: Zuora Quotes Version 10 Release Notes.

    All prior CPQ Package Versions can be found here: Zuora CPQ for Salesforce Release Notes

    Important Note: 

    Zuora strongly recommends that all customers remain current with the Zuora CPQ Packages as bug fixes, new features, and Salesforce Platform compatibility enhancements are only available with each new version of the CPQ package.

    Best Practice for Zuora CPQ Package upgrading is to build an internal business process where at least once per quarter the latest package version is installed in a Sandbox environment and tested so that it can then be installed in the Production environment. This would ensure that customer environments never fall more than 3 versions behind the latest version. The more current your package version, the less testing necessary to ensure package changes won't impact your existing integration or customizations. 

    Additionally, Zuora is working to deprecate old versions of Zuora CPQ to ensure our customers remain successful and compatible with any Salesforce Platform changes released. You can read more about the Deprecation Schedule and Policy here. 

    Radhika Agarwal