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  • 1.  Release 2023.03.R2 - March 2023

    Posted 03-09-2023 06:02

    Release 2023.03.R2 is scheduled to be available soon. For details of the product changes in this release, see the release notes.

    • Available in Sandbox environments: March 14 - 16
    • Available in Production environments: March 21 - 23

    This release will affect Billing, Collect, and Central Platform. Product changes and release dates are subject to change. We will reply to this post if there are any updates.

  • 2.  RE: Release 2023.03.R2 - March 2023

    Posted 03-17-2023 06:57

    Sandbox deployment for 2023.03.R2 is complete.

    We have updated the release notes (here) with the following change:

    Within Zuora Central Platform > Reporting, added an item called "Enhancement to Reporting page navigation with unique URLs."


    Within Zuora Central Platform > Subscription Warehouse, added an item called "Custom objects available in Zuora Secure Data Share for Snowflake."


    Within Zuora Billing > Product Catalog, added "Delivery Pricing charge model", "Offers", and "Price Book Items" sections to introduce these EA features.


    Within Zuora Billing > Invoicing and Billing, added an item called "Default template changed to HTML template."

  • 3.  RE: Release 2023.03.R2 - March 2023

    Posted 03-29-2023 06:32
    Edited by Zuora Release Management 03-29-2023 06:32

    Production deployment for 2023.03.R2 is complete.

    We have updated the release notes (here) with the following change:

    Within Zuora Billing > Orders and Subscriptions, added an item called "Automatic refunding after subscription cancellations generally available".

    Within Zuora Collect > Payments, added the following items:

    • Update on minimum value for Risk Score Threshold of Google reCAPTCHA Enterprise

    • Support for passing additional fields to gateways when creating or updating payment methods through REST APIs


    Within Zuora Collect > Zuora Fraud Protection, added an item called "Zuora Fraud Protection service available".

    Within Zuora Central Platform > Reporting and Exports, added an item called "Support for exporting data about Zuora Fraud Protection".