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[Product Announcement] Zuora Unveils 4 Huge Innovations at Subscribed Live

  • 1.  [Product Announcement] Zuora Unveils 4 Huge Innovations at Subscribed Live

    Posted 06-23-2023 12:43
    Edited by Zuora Community 06-23-2023 12:42
    Big Product Announcement!  Zuora just unveiled not 1, but 4 huge innovations that will transform the industry and we couldn't be more excited.  All of these innovations fully support how Zuora is helping our customers and the world do modern business. A huge thank you to our phenomenal R&D teams who have put so much time and energy into bringing all of these to life!

    1. Zephr, the Engine for Subscription-led Growth
    Companies have shifted their focus from landing new customers to building long-lasting subscriber relationships with customers. To create these relationships, you need to:
    • Engage subscribers directly through the product
    • Build a deep understanding of each subscriber
    • Present offers based on what each subscriber values most.
    Find out how to make it happen with Zephr, Zuora's Subscriber-Led Growth engine here.

    2. Zuora for Consumption
    Companies and customers are looking to align price with value, leading to the growth of consumption-based pricing. But…consumption-based pricing models come with challenges that overshadow its potential.With Zuora for Consumption, companies have a holistic solution that combines consumption billing and industry-leading revenue recognition capabilities to unlock the full potential of this pricing strategy.Learn more about Zuora for Consumption here.

    3. Zuora Command Center
    Your company is moving fast deploying new products, pricing and processes. You need a single place to:
    • Monitor mission critical activity
    • Accelerate deployments
    • Troubleshoot problems with the help of embedded AI
    Learn more about how Zuora Command Center allows Zuora admins to move faster here.

    4. Zuora Warehouse with BYOW
    What's critical to understanding your business performance? Data!Within the financial systems architecture, data comes from multiple sources and can take multiple days to analyze. With the Zuora Warehouse and BYOW technology, customers can either use their existing data warehouse, or our new data warehouse to analyze unlimited data volumes. Read the full announcement here.

    (Re)Watch Subscribed Live On-Demand

    Discover the keys to business innovation. This virtual experience brings together Modern Business industry leaders and Zuora’s executive leadership to explore how successful organizations manage complexity as they scale for growth. Get a sneak peek at exclusive new product demos and tech innovations that will take your business to the next level.  Watch here.

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