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Notice of Data Query Unlimited Early Adopter End of Life

  • 1.  Notice of Data Query Unlimited Early Adopter End of Life

    Posted 01-25-2023 15:09

    In recent months, Zuora has significantly improved the processing power of Zuora Data Query Live, which is Zuora’s native full SQL-based query API and User Interface. Improvements have included an increase in standard input table query limits by 10X and new options for dedicated Data Query workers. Data Query Live now supports queries that can select from and join tables each with up to 10 million records. These upgrades are available while continuing to provide real-time data results (in contrast to Data Query Unlimited that provides results that are delayed by up to 12 hours). Given these updates, Zuora is announcing the discontinuation of the Zuora Data Query Unlimited early adopter program and feature access. 

    If you were an early adopter of this feature, Zuora will continue to provide access until April 30, 2023, after which time it will no longer be available.

    As part of retiring this feature, Zuora will not delete any of your saved queries. Instead, all saved queries (in both Zuora Data Query and Zuora Workflow) after April 30, 2023 will automatically be updated to use the “Live” source data mode with no work required on your part. In particular, this means:

    • All new queries initiated against the Data Query API that include `sourceData = DATAHUB` in the body request parameter will automatically resolve to ‘sourceData = LIVE’.
    • All saved Data Queries where the source has been saved as “Unlimited” will automatically be updated to “Live”; any future query runs of those queries will run as “Live” queries (in both Data Query and Workflow).
    • The option to select “Unlimited” in the Data Query and Workflow user interfaces will be removed.

    This change will have no impact on Data Query Live queries or Zuora AQuA APIs.

    What does this mean for you?

    Zuora strongly advises all early adopter customers to identify any “Unlimited” quer(ies) in their tenant(s), integrations, or business processes required for critical business reports, processes, and workflows. For all identified queries, Zuora advises testing and optimizing those queries using sourceData = LIVE in advance of the sunset date to ensure continuity or allow time to make any necessary query modifications or optimizations. Without doing this, it is possible that on the sunset date, some of your Data Query Unlimited queries will fail to complete or execute in a timely manner.

    Please contact your Zuora Account team with any questions or concerns related to this announcement.

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