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June 2023 Community Projects

  • 1.  June 2023 Community Projects

    Posted 06-09-2023 10:40

    I just blinked in May and it's already June! :)  Here are the projects we're working on for the Community:

    Community Table Talks

    • Registration Improvements
      • Registering for multiple sessions - In Progress (Investigation stage)

    Zuora Community

    • Badges and Ribbons
      • Launch 1st set of Engagement Badges - In Progress (June/July)
    • Engagement to highlight product VIPs
      • Leaderboard - to see who is the most active - In Progress (July)
      • Group Leaders - to see who oversees which groups and who to @mention when you have questions! - In Progress (June/July)
    • Feedback
      • Improved Ideas - In Progress (in discussions)
      • Community Opportunities (more info to come!) - In Progress (in development)

    Lana Lee
    Zuora Community Senior Community Manager and Strategist