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J2U Solution Design Guide - Refresh Pricing and Packaging

  • 1.  J2U Solution Design Guide - Refresh Pricing and Packaging

    Posted 11-01-2022 12:22
    Edited by Jonathan Brown 11-01-2022 12:31
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    As part of the early release of the Journey to Usership Solution Design Guides, we're asking the community to explore the guide for Refreshing Pricing & Packaging with Zuora attached here and leave feedback in the comments!

    Within this guide, some of our best Solution Architects have compiled design considerations for the following common scenarios:
    • Updating vs. Creating new Product Offerings in the Zuora Catalog
    • How to think about product catalog lifecycle: Activation, Changes, Retirement, etc.
    • Migrating customers on legacy pricing plans.
    • Revenue Recognition Implications.

    The authors of these docs will be monitoring this channel and the comments in the docs so they can respond to your feedback as it comes in. Looking forward to seeing what you think!

    What is a Solution Design Guide?

    The Journey to Usership is more than just a framework, it is also a library of helpful contextual knowledge you need to successfully deliver business outcomes with Zuora's products. Part of that library includes what we're calling "Solution Design Guides".

    Aligned to the Journey to Usership Business Initiatives, the intent of each guide is to net out the most critical design considerations for a solution powered by Zuora. Detailed product training may still be needed and the guides try to link to Zuora's Knowledge Center for specific concepts. The intended audience is a "Solution Architect" persona, i.e. someone who has reasonably deep experience designing quote-to-cash solutions and understands the basics of Zuora's products and how they work.

    Jonathan Brown
    Director, Customer Strategy