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February 2023: Coming Soon To The Zuora Community

  • 1.  February 2023: Coming Soon To The Zuora Community

    Posted 02-06-2023 15:00
    Happy February! Here's the latest Zuora Community update for you to see what changes are coming to the Community:

    Community Table Talks
    February 2023
    • Registration Improvements 
      1. Have following month's Table Talks open for registration earlier
      2. Receive Zoom invitation link upon registration
      3. Investigate registering for multiple sessions
    From January 2023
    • On-Demand Sessions - See Application Lifecycle Management - Optimizing Testing and Deployment  in the Zuora Admins group. I'll be adding more Admin-focused webinars there, so if that's your role, please join us there.
    • Community Video Library 5-minute Tool Tip Additions (delayed - begin in February)
    • Invite-Only Community Work Groups (February 2023). Invitations coming soon. 
      1. Group members will have access to all workshop recordings in Revenue, Finance, and Workflow
      2. Continue the conversation with fellow workshop attendees and speakers. 
    • Zuora Global Support Office Hours - Scheduled for February 15th (Topic: CPQ)

    Zuora Community
    February 2023
    • Community Quick Start presentation decks 
      • Badges that help members explore the Community - soft launch (Jan), all community in February.
      Future Flashes
      • Best Practice Community checklists and tips for different Zuora activities like month-end close, testing, troubleshooting, etc.
      • Community Member Showcase
        • Discover the most helpful Community Members by topic so you know who to connect with

        Lana Lee
        Zuora Community Senior Community Manager and Strategist