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Community Opportunities to Share Product Feedback

  • 1.  Community Opportunities to Share Product Feedback

    Posted 03-22-2024 09:28

    We are always looking for ways to make Zuora better and love getting feedback from users like you on new and upcoming features. Product managers have shared glimpses of what they're working on through Community Table Talks and have also posted in community groups about Early Adoption programs that they're running.

    To help you find such posts, we've put together Community Opportunities which highlight discussions and blogs where product teams are looking for input on features they've released either in EA/GA or feedback on product UI/UX.

    We will keep the page fresh with new content and if you don't see an opportunity there, we welcome your suggestions in our product ideas forum which can now be found in the navigation with Community Opportunities under Feedback.

    As always, I welcome your suggestions on the Zuora Community and how we can make it better. Join me in Community Insiders where I give sneak peeks on upcoming Table Talks and other community programs and features. Hope to see you there!

    Lana Lee
    Zuora Community Senior Community Manager and Strategist