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August 2023 Community Table Talks

  • 1.  August 2023 Community Table Talks

    Posted 07-28-2023 10:03

    Don't use Zuora alone! This month, product manager Nikki Wong will share an overview of what's new in the Revenue release and VP of Product Management Shakir Karim will discuss Configurable Regions and Subregions along with a sneak peek on what's coming up next on the roadmap for State and Province configurability.

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    Interactive discussions with your peers and a Zuora subject matter expert. To encourage open conversations, only attendees will receive the recording.

    What's New in the Zuora Revenue Release
    Thursday, August 17th at 9am PT
    Nikki Wong, Sr. Director Product Management, Revenue


    Learn from Zuora product teams on different topics ranging from APIs to Zephr. Recording will be shared in the Zuora Community.

    Configurable Regions and Subregions
    Tuesday, August 22nd at 10am PT
    Shakir Karim, VP Product Management

    Lana Lee
    Zuora Community Senior Community Manager and Strategist