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    Posted 06-12-2018 11:59


    Platform Updates

     The Connect Platform team has integrated an internal web application firewall (WAF) for monitoring and threat detection on all Connect applications. This WAF will give increased visibility of threats and provide additional security for     applications on the Connect platform infrastructure.

    Application Updates


    Zuora Connects multitude of workflow engine based apps (Collections Manager, Automated Provisioning, etc.) have now been combined into a single application known as Workflow. Workflow now gives users the full range of available task types for endless possibilities of business automation with our task library growing every single month.


    Subscriber Self-Care Portal

    The Subscriber Self-Care Portal has had added support for subscription management in addition to the current user management focus. This paid update currently gives users the ability to add onto existing subscriptions or generate entirely new subscriptions via a fully transactional product catalog, giving you complete control of which rate plans and charges you wish to sell to your end users and how that information is displayed. Support for subscription amendments is coming in a near future update.


    Shopping currently requires the Zuora Orders feature to be enabled.


    Product Updates

    Zuora Collect

    Collect offers an automated solution to maximize your collections success in the Subscription Economy.


    Features of Collect:

    • Configurable Payment Retry - Automate intelligent retry logic for all electronic payments

    • Workflow - Automate collections tasks and business processes

    • Collections Window - Manage tasks of your collections team in one central location

    • Advanced Payment Manager - Associate unique payment methods to each subscription to provide payment flexibility for your customers

    • Configurable Lockbox - Automatically convert your bank lockbox files to Zuora payments records and free up precious worker hours either ad-hoc or on a set schedule



    Visit Zuora Community, your personal hub for all things Zuora, and get additional support for Connect apps including:

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    Check out the Zuora Knowledge Center - Connect Marketplace page for detailed instructions on how to:

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