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The Search is Over: 5 Reasons to Join Us for Lunch at Subscribed

  • 1.  The Search is Over: 5 Reasons to Join Us for Lunch at Subscribed

    Posted 05-29-2018 14:53

    Community Search Subscribed


    Last year at Subscribed, we held a Community roundtable in the Learners Lounge where a ton of Community members met each other and shared the positive and negative experiences with the Zuora Community with myself and the rest of the Community team. At Subscribed 2018, were taking it to the next level by having 2 bona-fide sessions during the lunch hour.


    Here are 5 reasons you ought to check them out:

    1. Be (Re)introduced to the Community. Weve created a lot of new areas since last year: Developer Group, Zuora Connect, Zuora Job Board, our Guru Program, etc. Come see what you mightve overlooked.
    2. Learn Tips and Tricks. Hear best practices on ways you can get your questions answered and ideas addressed by the right teams.
    3. Meet Your Fellow Community Members. Get to know some of the users whom youve engaged with in the Community.
    4. Share Your Feedback with Us. Your opinion matters - in fact, it will help drive our next projects to help us shape the Community into what you, our customers, need.
    5. Get an In-depth Look at Our Improved Search. Thats correct! Weve launched a new search engine with advanced search filters thatll help drill-down your search results.

    Wait....Did You Say That Theres an Improved Community Search?

    Yes! After talking to several members at last year's Subscribed, we began looking into ways to help make it better and came upon SearchUnify which is an AI-powered search that will help strengthen Zuora resources across different platforms.


    Once posts are properly indexed, SearchUnify allows us to continually optimize search results so that Community members will be able to find content quickly and efficiently.


    Tell Us What We Should Improve Next

    Now its your turn to tell us what we need to be focused on next. Should we tackle the Zuora Ideas area or would you benefit the most by having a better dashboard of posts (Best Practices, Most Read Posts, Most Helpful, etc.)?

    Let us know your thoughts below and/or stop by our lunch event at Subscribed. You can also find us in the Learners Lounge, wearing polo shirts.


    Questions or Feedback about the New Search?

    Share them below.  We'd love to hear what you think of it, its limitations, what works, anything additional that is needed, etc.