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Zuora RevPro patch release

  • 1.  Zuora RevPro patch release

    Posted 02-16-2022 15:34

    Zuora RevPro patch will be released on February 17, 2020.


    In this patch, an enhancement for the disclosure reporting is delivered, which is the Revenue from Prior/Current period Satisfied POBs Report. This report can display the revenue from prior and current accounting periods either at the revenue contract level or at the line level. For more information, see RevPro Knowledge Center.


    To get a list of all issues that have been resolved in this patch, please refer to the attached CSV file below.


    If you have enabled the Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration feature, for information that is specific to the Zuora Billing and RevPro integration environments, see Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration Release Notes.